The Hive Buttler



  • The original–food-grade, BPA-free, heavy-duty, made in the USA. Holds up to 10 Langstroth frames, any size, securely. Comes with a vented lid for moving bees.  High-UV tolerance and unending toughness.
  • Need an extra?  The solid storage lid is designed to allow secure stacking.  Double clasps on each of the four handles keep everything safe and clean!
  • Storage & Transport includes a tote with both the solid and vented lid. Use your Hive Butler no matter what the weather!  Use the ventilated lid to do hive inspections, collect swarms or make splits.  The solid lid is ready to tote and store–honey, draw-comb, new frames.  Do it all with the ST!
  • HB Uncapping Tank setup includes two Hive Butler totes, modified to serve as an uncapping tank setup with a 1.5” honey gate and food-grade sieve (also US-made).  Food-grade, heavy duty, able to hold up to 10 Langstroth frames securely until you are ready to move to the extractor.  A solid lid is also included, in case you need to take a break, or tote the mess home.

Hive Butler Vented Lid $27.95


Hive Butler Tote $87.95

Hive Butler Tote And Solid Lid $109.95

Tote With Solid And Vented Lids $120.95

Hive Butler Uncapping Tank $219.95



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The Hive Butler

The Hive Buttler Tote, The Hive Butler Tote With Vented Lid, The Butler Vented Lid, The Hive Butler With Solid Lid, The Hive Butler Uncapping Tank