Freeze Frame (Honeybee Frame Storage Bags)


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Freeze Frame Bags

Freeze Frame bags are specifically designed to store Honeybee frames in both a freezer and dry storage. A Freeze
Frame bag protects the frame and its comb from pests like Hive Beetles, Wax Moths, Roaches, and more.

Freeze Frame bags are specifically designed and manufactured for one single purpose: honeybee frame storage… safely and cleanly store your Honeybee comb frames.
Freeze Frame bags are made from extra thick, 4ml strong, polyethylene material. These high quality bags measure 54cm x 30cm [21.25″ x 11.80″].
So, whether you have equipped your apiary with supers, mediums, or deep frames, Freeze Frame bags work extremely well in either the FREEZER or DRY STORAGE.
It’s common to freeze honeybee frames to keep them safe from pests… now, use Freeze Frame bags to help as a deterrent AND to save on the mess normally created in the kitchen and the freezer’s interior.

Why Freeze Frame?

There’s that saying, Happy Wife, Happy Life!! It’s common to freeze Honeybee frames to kill pests… but the mess it would create when the kitchen and garage freezers were crammed with frames. Ugh. Well, one day… enough was enough. It was at that moment the idea of “Freeze Frame” storage bags was born.

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