CIVAN 3 Frame Manual Extractor

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CIVAN 3 Frame Manual Extractor

Holds 3 Deep, 3 Mediums – or 6 Shallows

This space saving extractor can handle 3 deeps, 3 mediums, or 6 shallow frames of honey. It is a wonderful addition to any growing apiary. With a quality and price that rivals the top competitors. Easy to use smooth hand cranking assembly with brake. Tall enough for 5 gallon bucket to sit under the Stainless Steel honey gate. Includes hinged top lids, legs and a stainless steel honey gate.

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CIVAN 3 Frame Manual Extractor

Holds 3 Deeps, 3 Mediums – 6 Shallows

This 3-frame manual honey extractor is the perfect entry-level extractor for a beginner beekeeper. The small extractor is extremely well built with a smooth spinning gearbox and has an included spinner break. This extractor holds 3 frames of any size tangentially for efficient spinning.
The built-in handle brake works just like your old huffy bike. Just spin it backward and the basket stops. It’s just that cool, just like you were cruising on your bike.
Features include a two-year warranty on the whole honey extractor, 21-gauge 304 stainless steel drum, metal basket, free-spinning gearbox, and a smooth cranking assembly that only takes 3 easy turns to get the basket up to speed.
You won’t find any nylon or plastic parts on the drum or inside the basket that can become brittle and break over time. The basket can spin both ways by hand to make adding and removing bee frames easier. The frame basket holds each frame securely in place with no wobble.
A feature that is difficult to notice on-line is the thickness of the metal and the overall weight of the extractor. A heavy, well-designed, and balanced extractor like this will be much easier to use than the cheaper, thin-walled extractors sold in other places.
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