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Insert one or more Beetle Bee-Gone sheets in your colony where hive beetles congregate. Your bees will chew the sheets and turn them into ‘fuzzy’ hive beetle traps. Once hive beetles make contact with the “fuzzed up” sheets, they become ensnared and die.

For full strength Langstroth hives, use one to two sheets per brood chamber. For Kenyan top bar hives, use one to two sheets per 10 combs.

Place Beetle Bee-Gone sheets wherever you find hive beetles or wherever they are most likely to lurk, depending upon the season. In cooler weather, beetles prefer the interior or areas immediately above of the brood cluster, or under the cover. In warmer weather, beetles move down to avoid the heat. Place your Beetle Bee-Gone sheets accordingly.

When you next work your hive, remove the “fuzzy” used sheets—along with trapped hive beetles, and insert new sheets.

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